Clear and Classy Communication.

Andreas Lange founded his design office, Büro N2, right in the middle of the boom years for business start-ups. At a time when all around companies were being set p that had little chance of real economic success, but nevertheless had big plans and BOSS-clad business college drop-outs as managing directors. The difference between them and Lange's business, was that his stood on firm foundations, and he had a solid design training behind him.

In 1998 Lange, operating under the name of Büro N2, began to give an image to many companies in the new economy, and to convince them of the need to have a philosphy. The combination of design skill and intensive consultation was at that time much in demand, and this is just where the strenghts of this Bremen-born designer lie. The subsequent economic crisis in that segment passed Lange by unnoticed, as by then he had acquired enough clients among SMEs, and had built up a very impressive portfolio to see him through the downturn. Whether by chance or not, some particularly impressive examples of his work have a reference to Japan. Like the CD for a sushi bar in Munich and for the Sushi Express catering company, both of which retain the charm of the Asian aesthetic while also meeting western promotional needs. Just completed is a commission for the Goethe Institute on "The Germany Year in Japan 2005/2006". Here Lange did the corporate design for the sponsoring concept - a wonderful blend of Japanese visual aesthetic and German culture.

The five-strong team at BN2, which also has an office in Berlin (in 2001, Matrix Partners also came on board), can't be pigeonholed into any one visual category. Their client base is too varied for that, and the commissions they receive require ever new creative approaches. Andreas Lange's working philosophy is therefore to "offer good individual solutions which match the ideas of the clients, and not the trends of the market". He himself, incidentally, describes what he does as "sensible fun" - and this enjoyment and commitment seems to be at the heart of his design success. And so BN2, now sporting a string of prizes, will continue to create visual identities that stick in the mind, and who knows, he may even get that dream job of branding Germnany.